UrbanMescalero Photography | Welcome to the new version of urbanmescalero.com
Goran Kljutic, Copenhagen based nature and landscape photographer Dansk natur og landskabs fotografi
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Welcome to the new version of urbanmescalero.com

Thanks to the SonicView Design Studio, my website got much-needed facelift. They were also responsible for new logo and visual redesign of the website. Feel free to contact them, if you need a new website or any kind of graphical work.

The main goal of redesigned website is to present my passionately taken photos, in best possible way. Although, most of the activities within photographic community nowadays take place on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, 500px and Google+, I feel that they to a great extend reduces quality of the photos. Of course, I will continue to use those platforms as they obviously are a much better for promoting my photographic work, but for those who want to see my photos in real quality, this will be the place.

My ambition is also, to write more frequently on my blog. I will share thoughts and stories behind some of my favourite images, discuss topics related to photography, and review some of my frequently used equipment.

I certainly expect it to be a great fun, and I hope that you will enjoy viewing my images as much as I have enjoyed taking them.

Goran Kljutić | Urban Mescalero Photography