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Goran Kljutic, Copenhagen based nature and landscape photographer Dansk natur og landskabs fotografi
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Weekend trip to Sweden

It has been two years since my last visit to Sweden, and I was quite anxious to visit the country again.

Last week I went to a short family visit to Västra Götalands region, and I spend some hours in Tresticklan National Park and in Bohuslän on Swedish west coast.
Tresticklan National Park was established in 1995 in the municipality of Dals-Ed in northwestern Dalsland, along the Norwegian border. It is the third largest unbroken and relatively unaffected forest area in the country, outside the mountain region and Norrbotten. The sparse and barren pine forest with moss covered flat rocks and lakes makes it ideal for hiking and relaxation. Autumn colors were not in peek during my visit, but I was happy to found leafs with beautiful yellow and red hues, so I did manage to get few pictures that I like. This was my second visit to the park, and definitely not last.

Bohuslän coast is Sweden’s first national marine park and one of Sweden’s most enchanting regions. The landscape is dominated by the sea, more than 8000 islands and number of picturesque small towns. What makes this deeply coastline, so special is the unusual pink color of the granite rock. Known as Bohus granite, the rock bears a distinctly pink hue and is found extensively between Fjällbacka and Lysekil, often running in linear formation a little off the coast. First time I visited area was in 2015 when I was on road trip with my family. We stayed only for the one night and I didn’t take any pictures, that’s why I had great expectations for this visit, even though, I knew, I would only have couple of hours for shooting. However, heavily overcast weather made it almost impossible to make any appealing images. I tried working with few long exposures and compositions before accepting the fact, that I can’t get the images that I wanted.

Goran 🙂

Top image
Stora Tresticklan Lake

Autumn in Tresticklan National Park

Granite landscape in Ramsvik, Bohuslän