UrbanMescalero Photography | New gallery with pictures from Sifnos island, Greece
Goran Kljutic, Copenhagen based nature and landscape photographer Dansk natur og landskabs fotografi
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New gallery with pictures from Sifnos island, Greece

Taking landscape photos during family summer vacation isn’t the easiest thing to do. After all, family vacation is family vacation, and photographing isn’t first priority. However it is almost irresistible not to grab the camera and explore new surroundings.

This year we decided to spend our vacation in beautiful Greek island of Sifnos, that is part of the Cyclades archipelago. As I always do, I started extensive research about the place, well ahead of the actual travel. What I found, is that there are countless churches and chapels on the island. Having in mind, that time for photographing would be limited, I decided to focus almost entirely on them. Some of the churches are spectacularly located, and I was particularly impressed by those in village of Kastro and Chrisopigí.
They were my main targets and I was quite determined to get few frames of them both.

Once we arrived in Sifnos, I asked each of my two boys to join me on shoot. I made “father-son” event with both of them, and we had wonderful evenings with some snacks, chatting and shooting. Both evenings want well and I was able to make few shots even though whether conditions where not ideal. I was hoping for dramatic sunset, but as predictable, not a single cloud was in sight. Nothing strange about that, after all, people travel to Greece to enjoy warmth and the blue skies.

Anyway, gallery with pictures from Sifnos has been added and can be found under the Landscapes menu. As for now there are only two pictures in the gallery, but I expect to add new pictures in coming weeks as I post-process them.

Cheers 🙂