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Goran Kljutic, Copenhagen based nature and landscape photographer Dansk natur og landskabs fotografi
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Out of the blue

Jægersborg Dyrehave (Jægersborg Deer Park) is one of my favorite places. It is a forest park located north of Copenhagen, famous for its three deer species; red deer (Cervus elaphus), fallow deer (Dama dama) and sika deer (Cervus nippon). I have photographed in Dyrehaven many times over the last few years, and many of my favorite landscape and animal photos have been taken there.

Few days ago I was in Dyrehave again, but I didn’t plan to take any landscapes or animal photos, as I was on an fashion assignment. Assignment lasted shorter than I expected, and I decided to stay a little longer to see if I could spot some deer.

During the winter deer are fed on several locations in the park, and it is quite easy to get close to them. So I walked around and quickly found a group of sikas next to a feeding place. The weather was typical for Danish winter, cloudy and hazy, but with very nice blue color cast in the air.
I waited few minutes for one of the deer to step out of the group. Soon one male moved between me and the forest in the background, and I shoot few series of images.

It was not planned, but I ended with some pictures that I’m really happy about. The clouds served as a giant soft-box, while mist and haze added bluish cast, which I think adds an extra dimension to otherwise minimalist photos. All in all, a very nice day with lots of fresh air in the woods, ended up with some nice pictures 🙂