UrbanMescalero Photography | My game changer
Goran Kljutic, Copenhagen based nature and landscape photographer Dansk natur og landskabs fotografi
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My game changer

Back in 2010 I was still new in photography, and I was looking for my own style.
I was interested in landscapes and cityscapes, but I had no idea how to capture a “good” picture. I often walked around Copenhagen, and took more or less random pictures of different subjects. My hope was to take a photograph that I liked, but it usually turned to be a disappointing waste of time, as non of my photographs looked like those that I looked up to.

However, this image of Gefion Fountain changed everything.
For the first time I had pre-visualized my image, and I knew exactly how the final image should look like.
Gefion Fountain is one of my favourite photo subjects in Copenhagen, and I wanted to capture it in the blue hour, when the lights in fountain are on.
The rest was easy. I knew exactly where I should stand to get my pre-visualized composition, and I just waited for the right light.

I went for single good image and I got it. First of my images that I liked. My game changer.

Since than I never take random images. I always scout the location, and I have clear idea on what I want to photograph. I know the timetable for sunset and sunrise, I know when the city lights turn on, and I always look up to the sky’s to check out the clouds. Knowing all that before I actually go out, makes photographing much more fun, and my success rate much higher. I don’t expect to get twenty good pictures anymore, I expect only one … and I usually get it.