UrbanMescalero Photography | Sunset at Amalienborg Palace
Amalienborg palace at sunset, Solnedgang ved Amalienborg slotsplads
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Amalienborg Palace at sunset

Few words about latest addition in My Copenhagen gallery.
Couple weeks ago I was sitting in front of my computer as my younger son approached me and asked if we could go outside and catch some Pokémons. “It shouldn’t be around here” he said, “let’s go to the park or something”. It was half an hour til sunset and I suggested we take our bikes and ride to the Amalienborg Palace, official winter residence of the royal Danish family. In matter of minutes we were ready to go, and I grabbed my camera and tripod…just in case.

The sky was already burning when we arrived, and I asked Oliver if it would be alright to take few shots before we start chasing Pokémons, and he agreed. Amalienborg is a location I know very well, and I knew exactly which composition I would go after.

As the dynamic range between highlights and shadows was bigger than my camera sensor could capture in single exposure I knew that I needed different exposures for sky and foreground, which I could bland into one final image. I started with few exposures for the sky, and once I had them, I moved on, on to the foreground exposures.
I prefer my cityscapes without people, so I kept shooting, while I kept an eye on the people on the square, making sure that they were moving between the exposures. Having several exposures where people move around, makes it very easy to mask them out in Photoshop. Few minutes later I was sure that I had all the exposures I needed and I went chasing Pokémons with Oliver.

Back home, I started with the foreground exposures that I opened as layers in Photoshop. I only needed three exposures to mask the people out, and I had one foreground image without people in it. Then, I blended sky exposure into the foreground image, made some final contrast and color adjustments, and I had an image that I was hoping to get for a long time.

And above all, I had a great evening with my son 🙂