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Goran Kljutic, Copenhagen based nature and landscape photographer Dansk natur og landskabs fotografi
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I am a freelance photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. All photographs that you will find on my website are the result of dedication, patience constant search for improvement, best light, and the best image composition.


Even though, I shoot all kinds of stuff, my main interests are landscapes and nature photography. Galleries on this site will entirely be devoted to those to genres, while other subjects may occasionally appear on the blog.


My landscape photography includes both natural and urban landscapes. Its goal is not to document random moments, but to capture carefully selected subjects in most beautiful light. To accomplish that, I generally shoot in colourful light during sunset or sunrise, or in the blue hour. I often scout selected locations and try different compositions well ahead actual shooting. Even with that kind of preparation, repeated attempts on same location are necessary to get the desired light for final image.

I love to photograph animals in the wild, but I only have limited access to them. Therefore, most of my animal photos are taken in parks and ZOO’s. However, one of my biggest dreams is to be able to photograph animals in the wild. I have a deep fascination of Nordic wildlife and I hope that coming years will bring some dedicated wildlife photo trips. Meanwhile, I will continue to photograph in the parks, ZOOs as well as to photograph my aquarium fish, and reptiles kept in captivity.


Selecting the right subject, and capture of the image in camera, are just two first steps on the path to achieve final image. Post processing of RAW files is a third, and in my view, equally important step. I use variety of post processing techniques to overcome camera limitations or to achieve desired perspective. Those include, exposure blending, focus stacking and panorama stitching. However, none of my photos have been manipulated to show anything that was not part of the actual scene.


If you have any question or requirements, feel free to contact med by using the contact form.


Goran Kljutić | Urban Mescalero Photography

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